Happy New Year, everyone! Did you survive the holidays and celebrations? Are all your resolutions still intact? If not, don’t worry. There are plenty of days left to start over…

It is actually a funny thing, this concept of “new beginnings” once a year. Like we get a do-over. We don’t (not really), but it is nice to have a fixed date for when you want to start making changes. Perhaps you’re determined to finally start using that membership at the gym? Or maybe your resolution is to smile a bit more everyday? Whatever it is, hold on to the positive thoughts – it’s in your power to make this a good year!

If your resolution is to eat more good food (as it definitely should be), we can help you with that. Gastropuben på Kick’s resolution for 2017 is to continue the quest for a Bib Gourmand, and to serve great food to our guests along the way. And here is 2017’s very first gastro menu:

Gastro menu, January 2017

The starter is beef tartare, cress mayonnaise, mustard seeds, and cured egg yolk.

beef tartare

beef tartare

2017 kicks off with a playful take on the classic beef tartare. Traditionally the dish is raw meat, finely chopped, served with with raw egg yolk, onion and capers.

The first twist here is that the tender beef gets a quick introduction to the Josper grill before being served. This moderates the temperature, but keeps the rawness intact. Then capers have been replaced with pickled mustard seeds and fresh green cress mayo, and the raw egg yolk has been cured for 2 days in salt and sugar, leaving it perfect for shredding. For a final crispy touch, the shallots are deep fried, giving it a deeper and more complex taste.

The main course is North Atlantic cod (“skrei”), baked fennel, roe, carrot puree, and butter sauce.

skrei - cod - with roe and fennel

skrei - cod - with roe and fennel

The new year brings one of the most delicate ingredients of the winter season: skrei. The fish filets are baked very carefully, almost to the point of being undercooked, and this keeps all the flavor and texture intact.

Two types of fennel accompanies the fish: a piece of dark and rich fennel baked in Indian Pale Ale, and crispy and raw fennel, marinated in lemon and olive oil. Cod roe mixed in with chili and shallots represent the traditional element, together with sweet carrot puree. A rich acidic butter sauce brings it al together.

The dessert is chocolate mousse, blood orange granita, custard and “burnt” white chocolate.

blood orange granita

chocolate mousse with granita

January’s sweet ending is a velvet smooth chocolate mousse, made with dark chocolate and cream, and a special blood orange “custard”.

The ice cold granita is the seasonal element. Granita is a very light dessert, made from liquid beging frozen and scraped into flaky crystals. Wintertime is also citrus time, and as blood orange is one of the sweeter fruits in the family, it brings both a fresh and sweet taste to the dessert. Finally, there’s the “burnt” white chocolate! It’s not bitter or burnt at all, just dark and crispy after being baked in the oven. It brings a perfect crunch to the smooth mousse and cool granita!

Tempted yet?

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Why the Gastro menu?
The Michelin guide highlights restaurants offering “exceptional good food at moderate prices”. Restaurants of this quality may be awarded what is called “Bib Gourmand“. They must offer menu items priced below a maximum determined by local economic standards, and in Norway this is around 395 NOK for a three course dinner.