Chances are you’ve tasted tiramisu at least once in your life. And if you’ve had it more than once, chances are you’ve had both wonderful and terrible experiences. The reason is this: tiramisu is the classic Italian dessert that might not be so traditional that you might think. Everyone puts on the menu, but only a few puts the energy into making it great. And that’s why there is such a short distance between success and disaster when it comes to tiramisu.

Tiramisu – the essential Italian dessert

Tiramisu cake

It might be more correct to call tiramisu for “essential” rather than “classic”. Why, you say? Well, because it doesn’t seem to have existed until the 1960’s. According to several articles neither the word “tiramisu”, nor the recipe for it, is featured anywhere until the second half of the 20th century. It is claimed to have it’s origin in Treviso in Northern Italy, named after the inventor’s apprentice’s maiden name. The word itself, tiramisu, means “pick me up”or “lift me up” or something like that. Ironically, you might have the exact opposite feeling after you finish eating one. It’s quite rich…

Coffee, cream and booze in perfect harmony

Tiramisu is made of a few key ingredients. Ladyfingers (sweet, dry biscuits) are essential. These are dipped in espresso. Then there’s a cream made of eggs and mascarpone, and a dusting of cocoa powder or chocolate shavings. Alcohol was never a part of the original recipe, but there’s no denying that the addition of marsala, rum, or brandy gives a nice balance to the bitter coffee. To make it perfect, the dessert needs to chill for 6-8 hours so the layers can bond, and the flavors can blend properly. And that’s basically it! So easy, and yet so difficult.

As with any famous recipe, there are as many versions as there are different cooks and chefs. Variations in alcohol, egg whites or yolks or both, fruit or no fruit, types of biscuits, different toppings – the possibilities are endless, and while the taste magic be great, the result might not be quite so classic.

tiramisu cake

At Gastropuben på Kick tiramisu is a part of the à la carte menu, but it’s served as a cake rather than the traditional “pudding in a bowl”. Other than that, it’s pretty much back to basics when it comes to flavors: There’s plenty of strong coffee, good quality cocoa, fresh cream, no liquor, and not a soggy ladyfinger in sight! This is one of the good tiramisus, made with love of good food and respect for it’s origins.

Tempted yet?

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The team at Gastropuben på Kick is constantly fine tuning and working so that the guests can enjoy the very best the kitchen has to offer. A little change and evolution is good both for new guests and faithful patrons, we are proud to present a brand new à la carte menu. But rest assured, even though the menu is changing, our tools are still the same: knowledge, craftsmanship and genuine love for good food.

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