In the cold, deep blue sea, lives the halibut – one of the largest flat fish species we know. It enjoys a secure spot high up on the marine food chain, with only killer whale, sea lions, and a shark or two, as their natural predators. In addition to the guests at Gastropuben på Kick, of course. They cannot seem to get enough of that tasty halibut!

Grilled halibut

grilled halibut

The halibut lives most of it’s life on the bottom of the North Atlantic Sea. Being so large (it can grow to more than four meters long), it feeds on almost anything it comes across, from fish to crustaceans. According to Wikipedia, the name derives from latin haly (holy) and butte (flat fish), as it is connected to the Catholic tradition of “meatless Friday”. Halibut is highly regarded for it’s white flesh and firm, meaty consistency.

Ever since the grilled halibut made it’s entry, it has ruled the à la carte menu at Gastropuben på Kick as the absolute bestseller. And no wonder! Anyone who likes fish, will fall in love with the lean and perfectly flaking, grilled white fish. It’s carefully treated so not to leave it dry, but juicy and mouthwatering.

The grilled halibut is served on a light and creamy celeriac puree, and with sautéed cabbage, adding texture to the dish. It is accompanied by velvet smooth avocado and mascarpone cream, and dill marinated potatoes.

grilled halibut with dill marinated potatoes

A special beurre noisette

The real showstopper though, besides the fish, is Gastropuben’s own take on the classic French sauce, “beurre noisette”. It literally means “brown butter”, and is made with unsalted butter being melted over low heat until the milk solids is separated from the butterfat. The milk solids drops to the bottom of the casserole and gently caramelize, giving the sauce a rich nutty flavor. That is the French version. For the grilled halibut at Gastropuben på Kick, the “brown butter” sauce is “pimped” with a soy reduction, brown sugar, shallots, and red chili. This results in a uniquely rich, salty and nutty flavor. It is so good, you’ll want to lick your plate clean. Enjoy!

Tempted yet?

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The team at Gastropuben på Kick is constantly fine tuning and working so that the guests can enjoy the very best the kitchen has to offer. A little change and evolution is good both for new guests and faithful patrons, so this fall there is a brand new à la carte menu. But rest assured, even though the menu is changing, our tools are still the same: knowledge, craftsmanship and genuine love for good food.

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grilled halibut and beurre noisette