If you like things that are pure and simple, this rather anonymous looking starter at Gastropuben på Kick will definately hit the sweet spot. But you might have to fight your dog to keep it all to yourself…

Grilled bone marrow

grilled bone marrow

Bone marrow has been a part of our diet for thousands of years. It is full of vitamins and healthy fat, it strengthens your immune system and provides serious amounts of energy. And throughout history it has literally saved lives when crops have failed and food was scarce. Today, bone marrow has fallen out of our traditional diet, and is preferred almost exclusively by chefs and foodies – and pets, of course (they know what it’s all about)! It’s too bad, because it truly is a delicacy.

The femur or humerus of beef is cut into shorter pieces, and then split down the middle to form perfect serving sizes. The bones are blanced for about 30 seconds, before lightly seasoned with salt and pepper, and grilled in the Josper for a few minutes. This simple and highly effective preparation leaves the marrow ready to scoop up with a spoon. It’s served with slices of grilled sourdough bread and picante pickles, to balance the smooth, fatty marrow.

sourdough bread with grilled bone marrow

Make sure you are super hungry before ordering the super heavy bone marrow. But when you do decide to take the plunge, you’ll be hard pressed to find food more pure, naturally flavoured, and honest than this dish. Enjoy!

Tempted yet?

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