There’s no point in ignoring the fact that the dark season is upon us. Some welcomes the seemingly endless months of dim lighting with open arms, bringing out the candelabras and dusty old bord games. And then there are those who’s energy level drop below zero at the very mention of “daylight saving time”, and then drift off to some sort of hibernation state that only brighter days of spring can put an end to. Luckily, there is one very obvious upside to all this dark madness: summer and swimwear season is too far off to even consider, so why not make the most of it? Why not dive in and really induce in something hearty and delicious? Like November’s Gastro Menu at Gastropuben på Kick, for instance…

Gastro menu for November 2016

lightly cured grouse with celeriac puree

lightly cured grouse

The starter is lightly cured grouse with celery and lingonberries.

This dramatically red and gamey dish is inspired by the traditional way of curing meat for preservation. Instead of leaving the meat for days, this grouse has only been briefly introduced to thyme and bay leaves, sugar and salt, before getting a dip in the sous vide. The result is a mild, tender, and almost sweet tasting meat. The grouse is served with soft celeriac puree, strands of fresh and pickled celery for texture and acidity, and lingonberries in no less than 4 different version: natural, gel, sauce, and paper thin lingonberry “sheets”.

Beer suggestion: Nøisom Redneck. Amber Ale. Malty sweetness, well balanced bitterness and plenty of hop.

Main course

pork jaw and neck

pork jaw and neck

The main course is beer braised pork jaw, pork neck confit, rutabaga puree and pickled mustard seeds.

This dish is bringing the toucher cuts of the pork to ultimate glory: The pork jaw is braised in dark and rick porter, and then topped with a green parsley “lid”, and the pork neck has simmered in oil and then briefly visited the grill just before serving. The juicy, tender meats are served on sweet rutabaga puree, sautéed black cabbage, and with almost raw and lightly bitter onions infused with coriander oil. The pickled mustard seed sets a picante tone, while the rich malt broth made from sweet and malty beer, brings it all together.

Beer suggestion: Erdinger Festweisse. German Hefeweizen. Light sweet, with malty finish. Not too heavy, with a creamy texture.


panna cotta with liqorice meringue and pear

panna cotta with liqorice meringue and cream

The dessert is panna cotta with pear compote and licorice.

The traditional Italian dessert is usually made with heavy cream (panna cotta literally means “cooked cream”), but this one has had a Norwegian makeover: it’s made with “tjukkmjølk” from Røros (also known as buttermilk). This gives the panna cotta a fresh and slightly sour taste, matching the sweet and fruity pear compote perfectly. The dessert is topped with light and sweet licorice mini meringues, fluffy licorice cream, dark chocolate crunch and lemon balm leaves.

Not a beer suggestion this time, but a cider suggestion: ACE Pineapple Cider. First pineapple code in the world. Instant sweet taste with a refreshing tart finish.

Tempted yet?

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Why the Gastro menu?
The Michelin guide highlights restaurants offering “exceptional good food at moderate prices”. Restaurants of this quality may be awarded what is called “Bib Gourmand“. They must offer menu items priced below a maximum determined by local economic standards, and in Norway this is around 395 NOK for a three course dinner.