The team at Gastropuben på Kick is constantly fine tuning and working so that the guests can enjoy the very best the kitchen has to offer. A little change and evolution is good both for new guests and faithful patrons, and so this fall there is a brand new à la carte menu. But rest assured, even though the menu is changing, our tools are still the same: knowledge, craftsmanship and genuine love for good food.

Banana split à la Gastropuben

Almost every establishment in the world serving food, have had this dessert on the menu at one time or another. It has pleased children all over with it’s sweet innocence, and let’s just admit it: who doesn’t like a good banana split? We certainly do!

banana split

Our head chef, Jón Þór, has dreamed of putting this on the meny for 15 years, and now it’s finally the right time to do it. For him, the dessert represents both something tacky and tasty, and brings back good memories.

Gastropuben på Kicks version of this classic is a sort of over the top, decadent, deconstructed banana split. There’s banana (dah!) drizzled with a dark chocolate glaze and crunchy caramel. There is also chocolate mousse on a white chocolate cake, fried cookie dough, tiny scorched Italian merengues (fløteboller), salt caramel sauce, and finally vanilla parfait, instead of ice cream. Last but not least, there’s fresh berries to lighten all the heavy flavors. Tempted yet?

banana split a la Gastropuben

A young apprentice pharmacist in Pennsylvania, David Evan Strickler, is acknowledged as the inventor of the banana and ice cream based dessert in 1904. Little did he know then that him slicing a banana lengthwise, adding a couple of scoops of ice-cream and a maraschino cherry on top, would be celebrated with this over the top, decadent, and deconstructed banana split more than 100 years later. So, prepare your tastebuds for a serious retro party: The banana split is back in town! It’s indulgent, heavy, and FUN! Enjoy!

Tempted yet?

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