Fall is here! After what must have been the best indian summer in years, giving us warm summelike days and nights long into September, the dark season is embracing us all. And isn’t it ironic, that as the light disappears, the colors comes out to play. Our world turns from a steady green, into an array of golden, red and brown hues. It literally is the season of change!

It is not only the nature that’s changing – there is all kinds of new produce coming into season as well. The food is getting warmer and heavier, designed to give us more energy to handle the darkness. And we love it here at Gastropuben på Kick! Lamb, root vegetables, mushrooms and stews are a few of our favorites. We’re especially excited that cod is back, as well (it never really left, but you know it is best in months with “r” in the name?), and therefore it’s the star of this months gastro menu. Here’s the full menu:

Gastro menu for October 2016


terrine with bacon espuma

The starter is a chicken liver and pork knuckle terrine with bacon espuma and apple.

The classic french terrine is made of smooth chicken liver and chunks of pork knuckle. On top of the terrine sits a layer of fluffy bacon! Yes really, creamy and airy bacon. Smoked bacon is transformed into a light and voluminous sauce through the use of a Thermomix, emulsion techniques and an espuma bottle. Dollops of apple puree, thin slices of fresh apples balance the rich terrine and salty bacon, and crispy, fried chicken skin adds texture.

Grilled cod and pumpkin bonanza

grilled cod

The main dish is grilled cod with pumpkin x 4, onions and burnt cream sauce.

The cod filet is very lightly salted prior to being grilled, but otherwise it’s all natural – perfectly white and flaky. The fish is served with a pumpkin bonanza: Smooth pumpkin puree, pickled pumpkin, toasted pumpkin seeds, and a paper thin, brightly orange, pumpkin “sheet”. With the pumpkin, are onion layers that has been infused with coriander, using vacuum in several stages. The sauce is a so called burnt cream sauce. The sauce has not been forgotten on the stove, but the cream has been baked in the oven, giving it a deeper, caramelized taste. The sauce is then mixed with a generous amount of coriander oil, to give is a herbal touch.


hazelnut cake

The grand finale is a goat cheese ganache, hazelnut cake, blueberry and caramel.

A thick and heavy brown goat cheese ganache, tasting like rich caramel with a twist, sits with a small lake of dark blueberry coulis and a wreath of fresh sorrel. It’s Norwegian and bold. The italian style hazelnut cake is light, crumbly and nutty, and is paired with caramel snow and crisp brown cheese tuille to bring it all over the top!


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Why do we do this? Why do we present the reasonably priced Gastro menu?
First of all, we are passionate about serving good food. Secondly, the Michelin guide highlights restaurants offering “exceptional good food at moderate prices”. Restaurants of this quality may be awarded what is called “Bib Gourmand“. They must offer menu items priced below a maximum determined by local economic standards, and in Norway this is around 395 NOK for a three course dinner.

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